Archon Crafters

A griefer-free community of friends

About Archon Crafters

Welcome! We're glad you're here! If you're looking for a griefer-free community of friends to hang out with, then this is a great choice!


We were originally a plain vanilla server shared amongst friends. When we decided to invite the public, we added claims and some cosmetic additions. This server will always try to stay as close to vanilla as we can.

No Limits & No Resets

What's Minecraft without the freedom to explore new lands and create massive builds? Go as far as you want! When you want to meet up, we offer two teleport commands: /spawn and /home. And don't worry! Your builds are here to stay, we won't reset the map!

Here to Stay

We've been on servers where we invested a lot of time building cool bases and builds, and all of the sudden the owner decides to close the server. Archon Crafters has been up for 3 years and we will run this as long as you want us.

What are you waiting for?

Come join a friendly group of Minecrafters just like yourself! Build, trade, collaborate! And don't miss out on community events!

Why Choose Us

Archon Crafters is a small server, but we don't think that's any reason not to provide a great experience for everyone here!

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When we first started this server, there were a few goals in mind that would make us what we are today. We've maintained those goals ever since and we share them here so know what sets us apart.

Griefer Free

Being griefer-free was always at the top of the list, and with our land claim system it stays that way!

Community Centric

Our players make this server great. Friends making friends and community events to bring us together!

High Performance

We're always working to improve Archon Crafters and strive to maintain our 99.9% lag-free uptime.

Keeping Archon Crafters Alive

We want you to know a few things upfront about how Archon Crafters works and what it takes for us to keep going. First off, we're funded by the community. Without generous donations from players and staff alike, we wouldn't be here today. Second, every dollar you donate goes right back to Archon Crafters. In addition, all of our staff are volunteers. We do our best to keep all of the promises we made above, but without you there's no Archon Crafters. Here's some gifts we'll be giving you in exchange for your support:

  • Access to the Creative world and other donator only areas!
  • Extra claim blocks to expand your protected lands!
  • Extra home teleports!
  • Extra commands to help keep you organized and to have fun!
  • Top rank gets a statue at spawn!
  • ...and a lot more! :)

To see all the things you can donate towards, click below for our store.

Learn More
Our new spawn at Archon Crafters features a giant tree growing out of a star-shaped citadel. This collaborative project has many useful and hidden treats!

Our Story

Back when Minecraft was just being discovered, those of us who started Archon Crafters were just a group of friends at college. The discovery of Minecraft was both awesome and not so. The latter being due to our suffering grades. We would go on to host a number of private servers over the next couple of years. Everything from the old classic Minecraft servers to hMod and Bukkit.

Everytime we started a new server, all of us would dive into it, building like our lives depended on it. Then, over time, our builds would become untended. This was until we found a nice public server to play on together. Creativity, collaboration, and crazy adventures would keep us going for months. That was until the kindly owner retired from Minecraft life.

With our builds gone and our newly fostered love for public server, we decided to found Archon Crafters. Being college students, we didn't have much for funds, but we all pitched in to get it going. After a solid month or more of preparation, we opened to the public, and it was awesome. The people we've met and played with over the last 3 years have grown this server into such a great community.

We hope to have many more adventures and meet many more people in the coming years. For now we build and we keep improving the server, happy to hang out with friends!

Thank you everyone for making Archon Crafters what it is!

Our Builds

We love to see all the awesome builds that people around here create, so we thought we would share a few here!

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